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The Rainbow puzzle is a pleasure for the eye! Each piece has a unique color combination which makes it both fun and challenging to complete this round jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy the amazement of your guest when you decide to show off the result by hanging the puzzle on the wall!

  • High quality material: Our puzzles are 1.8mm thick just like the best brands on the market.

  • Free worldwide shipping! 

  • Perfect size for home decor: Diameter when solved is 67.5 cm.

  • Adjustable difficulty level: The backside of the puzzle has been divided into letter areas to help you when feeling confused.


    Offer yourself a moment of pure relaxation alone, with friends or family.
    Solving puzzles is a timeless activity that can bridge generations. No matter the age, working together to solve jigsaw puzzles is extremely rewarding.

    Our puzzles are perfect for:
  • Enjoying a moment of calm and relaxation.
  • Connecting with friends and family.
  • Disconnect from your phone.
  • Keep a sharp mind.
  • (Puzzle diameter when solved: 67,5 cm)


    This Rainbow puzzle is a real pleasure to look at. Both while making it and when finished which makes it the perfect gift.

    Give yourself or someone you love hours of entertainment and fun to make the puzzle and endless pride when looking back at the result. The round design makes this puzzle the perfect piece of home decorwhen finished!

    Please note that because of the current situation our delivery time for the puzzle is between 10-20 business days.

    Smart, adjustable difficulty level

    As a seasoned puzzler, you'll enjoy the challenge this round jigsaw puzzle offers! Each piece has a unique color and cut which will allow you to enjoy a great sense of accomplishment upon finishing.

    But this puzzle has a secret weapon to adjust the difficulty level... Printed on the backside, you'll find letters that divide the puzzle in distinct zones. This allows even kids from the age of 7 and up to enjoy helping out!


    We care about our customers and the service we give you and that is the reason we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If for any reason you aren't feeling satisfied with your order, just send it back to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund of your purchase price!

    We also offer a missing pieces guarantee. We know how frustrating it is when you're almost finished with your puzzle but a piece is missing, which is why we offer to send you the missing piece to complete your puzzle!

    Contact us at for any questions or queries.